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Embizo Imanami Team.


Imanami Foundation Team

e-Mbizo Development Solutions
14 Einstein
Techno Park, Centurion
011 393 2008

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Imanami has dedicated stuff whom plays a crucial role in ensuring seamless and reliable communication services. Our team consist of skilled professionals who are responsible for the setup, maintenance, and optimization of intricate network infrastructure, encompassing both hardware and software components. Their expertise extends to troubleshooting and resolving issues promptly to minimize downtime, guaranteeing uninterrupted connectivity for users. From configuring routers and switches to monitoring network performance, these dedicated individuals uphold the integrity and efficiency of telecommunications systems, facilitating effective data transmission and enabling individuals, businesses, and industries to stay interconnected in our digital world.

Roles played by our team

  • Network Engineers
  • Telecom Sales and Marketing
  • Technicians
  • System Administrators
  • Software development

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